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6081 Hazeldean Road in Stittsville

(same plaza as Giant Tiger and LCBO)

Danika Ellson, May 12 2021

Scavenger Hunt - May 2-4 Lockdown Adventure Series

Scavenger hunt time!

Welcome to our May 2-4 lockdown games! If you can't be inside (or on our patio), get outside and explore!

For the month of May, we're going to send you on little adventures for a chance to win! Here's how it works. 

Every couple days, we'll be posting a picture on our social media pages of Brew Rev beers adventuring on our beautiful Ottawa trails and by some of our very favourite neighborhood businesses. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

- find these locations

- snap a selfie of you in that spot with one of our beers, or any swag item

- tag us on social media (FB/IG/Twitter/TikTok) to get one entry in to the contest!

- bonus entry if you take a photo of extra trash you're carrying out of the surrounding areas and disposing of properly.

We'll give you a hint with each photo, and the rest is up to you! 

Come on over to the wild world of social media to check out our adventures!


- please don't drink on public property or have open alcohol in any inappropriate places. Carry the cans as weight resistance on your workout, and enjoy later in a safe and responsible way.

- leave no trace. If you are carrying an empty beer can, be a good neighbour and carry it out with you as well.

- if you are picking up extra trash, thank you! We've made garbage bags and gloves available at the bar (free of charge) for you to grab when you pick up your Brew Rev gear for photos. With our very best "Mother's voice" we say, please be careful, and wash your hands before drinking.

Winning entry receives a $25 gift certificate AND a free six-pack with your next purchase of 24 cans of beer. (So if you do the math, that's a half-priced 2-4). Draw will be made May 31. Must be of legal drinking age and within delivery radius of Brew Revolution (or willing to pick up).

Ready? Set? Time to explore!! 

Written by

Danika Ellson


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